The management team leads the day-to-day work of Linkserve.
It consists of a Managing Director, Directors and Head of Departments

Our Management

Ibrahim Faiz

Managing Director


Ali Shifau

Head of Sales


Mr.Ali Shifau , incharge of catering retail and wholesale clients, in addition, looks after inventory, from replenishing to storekeeping operations. He has expertise in sales sector for over 10+ years.

Ahmed Shaufaan Rasheed

Head of Human Resource and Training


Mr.Ahmed Shaufaan Rasheed, brings over 16 years of management experience. He expertise includes talent management, organizational development , management & leadership and a life coach Additionally coming from a background in ICT. He was awarded among the Top 50 HR leaders in Maldives in 2017 and 2018.

Mohamed Munawwar Luthfee

Head of Business Development and Public Relations


Mr.Mohamed Munawwar Luthfee, incharge of business Development and public relations that help the company attract visitors and convert leads though online and public media. Additionally communicates to suppliers and venturs new business oppotunities. He gratuated from Open University Malaysia, Bachelors Degree in Information Technology with Honors. Specializes in Social Media Marketing, and has a background in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Hassan Ikram

Head of Projects and Enterprise Solutions


Mr. Hassan Ikram, Head of Projects & Enterprise Solution. 6+ years sales experience with an exceptional track record of client service and revenue generation. A highly motivated sales professional that strives to help a wide variety of organizations overcome their ICT challenges. He is an energetic, resourceful and enthusiastic all-around performer with sales, marketing skills gained largely in the corporate world.

Rimaah Ahmed

Assistant Manager - Sales


Mr. Rimaah has over 5 years of experience in the IT and networking industry. As the Assistant Manager of Sales Division, in addition to that, he is handling shipment ordering and dealing with suppliers.